Reminding all of you that I will be reading from the Klarions work at the Witching Hour in Salem, Mass very soon. I’m thinking about recording it for those of you who might have interest.

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The Dark Time for My Writer’s Group

September 20, 2020

When one looks at the group of Mythic Realists during the early part of the century, it is interesting to see that all of them at once are weathering a dark time, personally, a wide variety of trials, errors, and circumstances which harshen their personal lives. The effect that the Dark Time, as scholars have come to call it, had on their writing is profound. Each of these writers and artists can be examined in turn in this regard, but in all of their work, it left a vein of shadow that juxtaposes itself in the humor of pit_viper, the nurturing of bucketgirl, the anger of scieppan, and so on.

Most of the Mythic Realists are well supported by each other and those in their nonvirtual lives, and it is my belief that they balance and marry the most positive and negative parts of the human experience inescapably at this time. These qualities deepen their work, rendering it graphic and three dimensional, underscoring examination of self with the cross hatch of realism and shadow, and the decorative coloring of joy. Many of the writers, particularly those who focus in the fantasy, folkloric, and mythical realms, like chrysantza and awelkin, can not transcend the harsh reality that exists for their characters, actually making these creatures of imagination seem as though they could come through your door, yet make this heavy work seem full at the same time of joy and hope. Both good and evil transcend in these texts, unbelievably sometimes in the same characters. As the cover art, or graphic story telling of minoukatze show, the multiple dimensions of these characters, the complications, the archetypes, and the simplicity leave the reader shell shocked about what happened, but clear that they have witnessed in a moment any number of things.


Well, the guy writing IS a graduate student, so cut him some slack, okay? 🙂 I guess the point is that I expect that we will all make it through this, and it will enrich us in ways we have yet to imagine. Hard to say die if you’re an optimist.