Getting things set up for my reading at The Witching Hour today. In the realms of writing, all but dead right now…curse the new job and all.

I am reading. So, I’m getting the soil ready. Right now, though, it’s all about sewing and working.

So, what am I reading? A YA book by Suzy McKee Charnas about faeries. Making me think about Gossamer.

Some day I’ll just get tired of not writing and write. Like I did today at the office with applications. I decided to call all of my prospects, out of the blue.

Well. Here’s hoping for a more active fall in this regard.


Talking about Writing

Just spent a couple of hours talking to a writing class about writing. It was interesting, but strange.

Considering that it was a Fiction Lit class and not a writing class, it was odd. The teacher was a little odd too. My fellow writer, Hope and I, left the class, squinting at each other, saying, “That was weird.”

I felt sorriest for the students. They were captive and bored. I hope it’s not like that every day for them. Yes, I was charming, and tried to entertain them, and yes, that worked. It wasn’t enough. Anyway, they received six pages of Gossamer and Viridian as a bonus, if they want to read it.

Well. Let’s hope the next time we do that, it’s a little different.


Joining Broad Universe

I’ve scheduled time to write this week. Actually scheduled it, and so it goes.

I’ve also recently joined an organization for women writers called Broad Universe, which looks like another way to talk about writing, and seems a good resource for learning the trade. I’m sort of pumped about it.

I hope to have an actual content update this week. That would be a first for a while.


Well, the charity auction is over, as are my writing obligations to it. Wiscon was a revitalizing experience. I’m really ready to begin writing again, and I hope to get to that very soon.

I understand now that play is a very important part of my writing process. 🙂