Auction Items for Charity

I’ll be auctioning off three pieces for charity for the CF foundation. If any of these interest you, feel free to bid.

  1. An Errol Klarion short story written to your specifications.
  2. A short story written with two of my fae characters from the Gossamer and Viridian universe.
  3. A short story about Margaret MacCumal, character who most of you don’t know yet, but I hope will.

When the auction begins, I’ll let you know, but you can get more details at:

You can also ask me questions here.


So, I’m getting itchy, and I’ve finished with a couple of recent obsessions. I think that means it’s time to write.

WHAT I will write may surprise me. I’ve seen last month as sort of an attempt at the wrong stuff, and so I figure if my brain wants a little time to itself, it should have it. I’ve written over 1200 pages in the last 3 years, even if most of it is largely unpublishable, due to the nature of the beast. We probably did need to heal up from the outpouring of words.

I’ve also got a creative academic project going on, so I’m excited to begin that. I feel a desire to sink into myself, rather than reach out to others, although I intend to try to resume some activities that will jumpstart my creativity a bit.


Well, I haven’t been writing, or editing. I’ve been thinking and plotting. I have a great deal of plot stored up in my head. AND I need time to write. But I’ve been being professional, doing my job, and not really having that time.

I am not too frustrated. This perculation time doesn’t feel like avoidance. It feels like it’s necessary. We’ll get back there, hopefully soon. Rerolling over it all.


Rewriting Revelations

Hold out this time oh health! Hold out until I can do some more writing.

Let me copy something from my livejournal here. Hold on…

I woke up Saturday, having had creative dreams about yet another story that I’m not writing, but I was smart enough to lay in bed for about an hour, and think about my current active project, and you know what, I think it helped. I realized why the muse isn’t sitting on my shoulder. I know what this story is about, but I’m in chore mode with it–conversion mode, rather than sitting, and listening to my characters talk to me about their feelings and relationships. This is the thing that I think made so many readers enamoured with the first version of Substance, and so I’m going to spend more time listening and hearing my characters. I’ll have to really expand the first part of the story, and let it go the direction it wants to go.

The other thing I realized I’ve got to stop doing is worrying about the size of the book and its marketability. I’ll tell the story first, and see what we’ve got later. If it’s not the first book I send out, it’ll keep until later. But I’m gonna write it right. I know that there are marketability concerns, but these do change over time, and I’ve got to trust my story teller instincts first.

And finally? I’m going to go back and make all the introduced things part of the story. No need to start them off at school in the story, no need to introduce Professor Borgia. These things should already be there. I’m producing crap, and this is why. It’s almost amateurish at this stage, but I see more clearly.

Regress, progress, regress, progress…