Chapter 2: More Boyhood

I’ve added boyhood scenes into chapter 2, and I’m in the process of doing it in chapter 3. Trying to strengthen the familial bonds. Have begun chapter 3.

Trudge, trudge, trudge.

And while it’s not live yet, you can see how the ole website is progressing…

I think much coolness.


Chapter 2

Yesterday, I meant chapter 2, not chapter 1 for new scenes. I’m finishing the last scene of chapter 2, which used to be the first scene of chapter 3. The story is more sturdy and human now, the way it’s supposed to be.


Revision Continues

Working my way through description in chapter 2. As I’ve done this, the purpose of the book, what I think has been missing, has hit me alongside the head like a Schwarzenegger wallop.

Substance of Shadows has ALWAYS been a book about an abused boy, and how he did or didn’t cope, regardless of the choices around him. It is still going to be that story. I’ve been too wrapped up in what’s around him. F*** that. That’s changing too.



Revised 10 pages of chapter one yesterday. It really wasn’t very descriptive, sort of abbreviated. No one told me. Hmmm.

Maybe I need tougher readers. 🙂

At any rate, I’m happier with it now. Much.


The Last Outtake

Dutifully begun. 🙂 Tonight’s question seems to be scroll, scroll, who’s got the scroll. And the answer is…wait and see.



Typed in about 14 pages of Chapter 3 of Blood is Thicker than Water, bringing the grand total to 25. Have about 7 to finish, most likely tomorrow night, but have to go teach today.

Transcription makes you blurry. Also have to do web research for some good links for each story. Before Friday? Might have to send those along later….