Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

So, it looks like th' student I'm supposed t' see about test out hasn't shown, which gives me a little spare time t' write about Cap 2.

For those o' ye who ha'nae seen it, here's yer convenient cut.

Eager t' see th' new Marvel offerin', I were bein' chompin' at th' bit when we finally hit th' theater on Saturday night. Cap is not me favorite hero o' th' current cycle, but I did go on record as sayin' that Chris Evans wins th' most authentic portrayal o' his hero. Yup, Downey, Jr. and Hemsworth are good. Hiddleston is superb. And Johanssen? Shiver me timbers! Excellent. There's a certain chemistry necessary t' pull off Cap without makin' that scurvey dog too goody-two shoes or para-military or 1940s, and Evans is doin' it. So happy t' see that scurvey dog transfer all o' this into th' modern era.

So, here's a list o' what I liked.

1. Walk the plank! The Falcon. Updated Sam Wilson were bein' brought into th' film without changin' th' essentials o' his character, avast. The ornery cuss still counsels. The ornery cuss still flies, pass the grog, ye scurvey dog! The ornery cuss's still just a lubber, th' easiest goin' lubber we've seen in these films so far. The ornery cuss's always been a very positive upbeat character, and I liked th' portrayal that Anthony Mackie turned in, and a bucket o' chum.

2, and a bucket o' chum. Sharon (Carter?): Comic book fans at least appreciated th' first name o' th' wench who were bein' (unlikely, I know) Peggy Carter's niece and Cap's love interest in th' comic book. Really interested if we'll see more o' that comely wench.

3. Arnim Zola on U.N.C.L.E. technology: 'Cause th' 70s is th' settin' sun o' 60s spy fi.

4. Steve Rogers stands by his maties. The Winter Soldier plot line in th' comic is very different than it is in th' movie. There, Bucky has a legitimate grudge against Cap. I mean, he were bein' 15, and tied t' a rocket, and Cap di'nae get there in time, and what ya gonna do? Walk the plank! BUT in th' flick Bucky is Steve's tight, tight matey from th' past, and Cap is willin' t' go th' distance and potentially die t' save his matey. Will we see Sebastian Stan in th' sequel? We may well, because that's where Sam and Steve are goin' at th' end o' th' film. I just love that tortured matey stuff.

5. Jasper Sitwell is a bad lubber, by Blackbeard's sword. Avast. I remember th' original Jasper Sitwell. The ornery cuss were bein' a neo-con conservative who gave th' Avengers grief because they were loose cannons, and a bottle of rum! I just suspected that they did somethin' different with that scurvey dog in this continuity, but nope. Still a shithead.

5. Steve Rogers can take out a SHIELD plane by himself, to be sure. Because yeah, he can.

6. "a valedictorian in Iowa City, Stephen Strange." I wonder if Clea will have Dairy Queen hair when she finally makes it t' th' silver screen.

Thin's which I would have liked t' see done a bit better.

1. Hail, Hydra, pass the grog! You can bury Hydra in SHIELD fer 70 years, because they're stupid like that. Yeah... I mean, cool, good angst and all, but, well, yeah.

2. Natasha Romanova's got 'tude, by Davy Jones' locker. Let's face it, she be always had 'tude. But snappin' Hubba Bubba bubblegum kid sister pain in th' ass 'tude, and dinna spare the whip! Not th' classy wench we've come t' know from a couple o' other films. It di'nae seem t' be appropriate t' that comely wench character.

3. Mystery twins at th' end. Quick Silver and th' Scarlet Witch. Sure, 'tis better than Wungador and Bova th' Cow and th' High Evolutionary, but prisoners o' Hydra? Are we afraid o' th' word "mutant?" Are there perhaps copyright issues involved?


Overall, there were bein' a lot goin' on. I'm goin' back t' see it again. I di'nae like it as much as th' first Cap'n America, but that were bein' a very special case o' a period piece. This film, however, were bein' much better crafted as a cohesive story, with excellent performances overall. The premise o' th' Hydra infiltration, if ye can accept it as a reasonable plot device, sends ripples into th' Agents o' SHIELD tv show. Then again, ye di'nae hear me complain this much about th' Star Trek Red Matter in ST1 th' reboot, and it were bein' much more stupid, so I will just let th' Hydra thin' go.

The angst potential betwixt Barnes and Rogers is up there. I dern't expect a Thor Loki kind o' vibe, but I'll take what I can get.


Next up Guardians o' th' Galaxy in August. I have t' say me expectations are low, but I will go t' see if raccoons can really fly. Or somethin' like. Shiver me timbers, ye scurvey dog!

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  1. Fox has th' rights t' th' X-Men, so Marvel Studios can't do anythin' with mutants, and dinna spare the whip! They get t' fudge with Wanda and Pietro because they have traditionally been Avengers characters. *sigh*

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