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Steve Bucheit "borrowed" this link from Chuck Wendig, and I'm sharin' th' love: Twenty-five Thin's Writers Should Stop Doin'." Of course, we all see ourselves in there somewhere.

Jay Lake found this at Mur Lafferty's: Honesty and Depression

Jay Lake also points out th' Tea Party Negotiation Strategy: I still dern't think these people even drink tea!


Let's talk a little bit about these links in turn, shall we?

Just stop it! You know, if ye read Chuck's post, it basically comes down t' put yer head down and write, and dern't listen t' th' little voices in th' back o' yer head, 'kay? Just do what ye do and dern't do what others think ye should, or what ye think others think ye should, or what ye think others think th' market thinks ye should, or what ye think others think th' market thinks ye should that is a sure fire thin'.

Oh, and dern't procrastinate. Shiver me timbers, avast! If ye want t' write, stop playin' Nintendo.

Well, yeah. And swab the deck! I think that about covers that.


Depression and anxiety: I manage mine. And swab the deck! And swab the deck! I hit some potholes in 2008. My grandmother died, and me mother had been hidin' me older brother as that comely wench roommate from me fer a few months. And I lost it in a dark, black, lay in a room alone cloud. My journey into medication were bein' goin' t' be temporary, but I discovered somethin' interestin'.

One day I were bein' havin' a conversation with maties, and I also had an internal conversation. It went somethin' like this, to be sure.

Me: You should say somethin' about that.

Me 2: Wait a second. Did we just think about not blurtin' somethin' out?

Me: Yeah. Um...I have another crazy idea. Why dern't we formulate what we're goin' t' say before we say it, and a bucket o' chum? Added bonus, to be sure.

Me 2: Is this what other people think like?

Aye, it turned out that I were bein' a ball o' anxiety pretty much all me adult life and di'nae know it until 2008, with a chest full of booty. Make no mistake, I'll warrant ye. I should have been a ball o' anxiety, but in th' backwards world in which I grew up, we di'nae seek out treatment fer one o' me bouts o' pneumonia, let alone anxiety.

I can say that medication has improved th' quality o' me life, avast. I get a little dark from time t' time, but I can't see any down side t' th' meds. Okay, I can't go on a booze bender. This probably isn't a downside now that I'm past 40.


Tea Party: Guys, holdin' yer breath until ye turn blue is no way t' govern, by Blackbeard's sword. Bein' stubborn until ye get yer way suggests that we are bein' governed by spoiled little sandcrabs, not adults who can compromise, and look t' th' needs o' more people than themselves. And swab the deck! That's just...well, I got no label fer that. We've got t' get ye people out o' office, if only t' protect yer constituency from themselves.

Oh. Um...strange thin' in Iowa, and a bottle of rum! One o' th' pro-Gingerich commercials suggested that we had t' fight against th' "liberal Republican establishment." Where are these guys?!!, we'll keel-haul ye! Because I want t' throw them a cookout, and a bottle of rum! They need t' feel th' love, ye scurvey dog.


Okay. Gotta get on this ELA coordinator stuff. These classes aren't goin' t' staff themselves.


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