Cool Books You Should Read

Well, I've been doing some reading. Traveling always means reading for me. And doing the podcast seems to also mean reading to me.

Amongst the many books I've been perusing, here are a few books that I think you might appreciate it. Or, if you prefer, these awesome books get my stamp of approval.

The Elephant and Macaw Banner Novelette Series 1-5 by Christopher Kastensmidt: Yes, we did just interview Chris on Unreliable Narrators regarding his work and the SF/F scene in Brazil, largely because I've been a big fan for a long time. Chris writes historical adventure and fantasy all at the same time. He has 200 books from the time period he's writing in, so he's accurate. The flavor of his work is unlike anything else on the scene today, and I hope to see him get a lot of lovely awards in the future. I feel smarter just reading him. You will too.

The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu: I bought this book on a whim. It was used, and I saw some folks reading it at a con. So, I finally go to it. Lessee...this book is amusing science fiction with spies and a weight loss/geek makeover story. It is funny. And poignant. Inspiring. And original. So, the rest of the world has read all three of these, and is lining up to buy the special novella from Subterranean, right? Right? I'm saying if you're as behind as I am, you really need to get this book. And the next two. And the special novella. Chu's voice is fresh, alive. I'm hooked.

Mosaics 1: A Collection of Independent Women: Honestly, I could also talk about the second Mosaics collection as well. I am in the second one, and it's a pretty good collection of stories. But the first collection is truly cerebral, spot on in its balance, and a wide diversity viewpoints from self-identified women. Of particular note to me was "The Queen of Lakes" by L.S. Johnson, the last story in the collection.

Writing Updates

This has been a pretty productive week. Last week, I felt very in control of things. I am almost done with the first 4th of Pawn of Isis. And by almost done, I mean that it's not in the bag, but this is solid stuff that will be kept and revised and polished.

I had some terrific editorial suggestions about Cookies this week from the editors of Mosaics 2, which resulted in a really deep revision of the story, so I expect I'll be seeing another edit on that, but it's a much better story now. Sometimes editing can seem like a chore. This time it opened doors and windows in my brain.

I have an idea for a new short story called The Devil's Wingman, which I will get to as soon as I finish this first 4th of Pawn.

And finally, I have an idea for a quirky SF novel. Yes, you heard it hear. I am hot to do some research on it, but I would still like to revise the troll YA. I guess the answer is to write faster.

It's a good time to be me. I'm sure in a few months I'll be back to my usual mopy self.

Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing Link to Jim Hines Interview

Shortly before I became an Unreliable Narrator, Brent Bowen, a friend of mine who runs Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing gave me a home to post my first podcast interview with Jim C. Hines. Who knew I'd like it so well that I'd become a podcaster?

Well, I guess I should have guessed that.

Anyway, please enjoy this interview. Jim's in great form and talks about a wide variety of subjects. And, you should check out Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing. They have awesome episodes, and we support our fellow podcasters and friends that way!